Pet Urine Stain Removal in Auckland

This carpet pet urine stain removal & cleaning information is supplied by Graeme Stephens, an IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician. To help you make an informed decision for your pet urine stain and odour contamination. Everybody loves their pets. Our dogs and cats are true friends. Always here to help us through various challenges and brighten up our day. 

On the other hand, no one loves when an accident occurs within the household. Owners of newborn puppies are familiar with the issue, but it happens to grown-up pets as well. Unfortunately, rugs, carpets, and upholstery are probably the worst places for your beloved pet to have an accident, for the experts call Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal services. Phone 0800 110 282, or email us.

But there is no need to worry about this or to get mad at your dog or cat – here is where the experts call Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal services steps in to help out. You don’t have to get your hands dirty. Leave this job to our professionals in the field!

Pet Stain Removal Experts

Everybody loves their pets, but no one loves it when they have an accident on the carpet. Unfortunately, the carpets are some of the worst places for your pet to have an accident. Here at For the experts call Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal services, we provide pet stain removal in Auckland and the surrounding area.

Pet stains can penetrate deep into the carpet fibres and make it very difficult to clean. It is important to clean the urine or other pet waste thoroughly. The odour needs to be fully neutralised since pets can smell the scent left behind and want to return to the spot to do their ‘business’. If at all possible, try to clean up the urine as soon after it has been done. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal services also clean rugs which are often a hot spot for pets.

Spot & Stain Removal Tips for DIY

Searching online you will find many references to how you can remove spots and stains from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Some of these are sound suggestions, and some are just plain destructive.

While the stain removal tips below are quite simple and basic, they will help to remove or at least reduce stains in your home. 

If followed carefully, this expert Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal advice should help prevent some quite common and expensive mistakes. It should prevent you from damaging your soft furnishings during do-it-yourself stain removal.

If you have an area rug you value, we recommend you do not use any home remedies but rather use professional experts like Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet and stain removal services. For example, most Spot and Stain removal instructions, using household chemicals, suggest using liquid dishwashing detergent. This is not a good idea as dishwashing liquid is oily and will cause re-soiling. It also has a high pH and can cause permanent damage. Should you decide that you need a professional cleaner’s assistance, you will find that having followed our advice will improve the chances of a successful professional stain removal such as Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry services.

COVID-19 Corona Virus Disinfecting Service in Auckland

Efficient FDA approved 99.9% Antiviral Sanitisation

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Using FDA certified non-toxic antiviral detergents
  • Ozone, disinfecting fogging, misting clean
  • Done by technicians with protective gear
  • Wide coverage and flexible booking options
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties

We are providing free disinfectant with Carpet Cleaning, Using our Large Truck Mounts. Our disinfecting cleaners division is equipped with specialised full interior Coronavirus Disinfecting Clean equipment, such as large fogging machines, Commercial Ozone Generator Disinfect, and battery power sprayers all on wheels. This is work that is needed to maintain human health and safety essential services.

Since 1988 providing Auckland with a cleaner, healthier pathogen germ-free home, office and workplace.

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Regular vacuuming and clean carpet are important to your carpets and your family’s health. The best method recommended by the carpeting manufacturers truck mount hot water extraction comply referred to as steam clean. Phone the Experts carpet cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Services South Auckland Central City CBD, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast on 0800 783-266 or email us. 008080

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UPDATED: Jan 23, 2021